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Golden Monkeys

Golden monkeys are also known as snub-nosed monkeys. There are only found in 3 countries, two of them are best and safe places to visit the golden Monkeys. Uganda and Rwanda are one of them all located on the Albertine of Africa. These Monkeys are beautiful species to be seen.

Golden Monkeys are rare primates but very unique with their features. They are small in size, have golden hair on their back, a long tail taller than their body, round head, short ears, and bright eyes with a snub nose.


They become sexually active at 5 – 7 years for both the females and males. The females undergo a gestation period of 5 – 7 months giving birth to one off spring.

Way of living

These habituated Monkeys move in a social group of 30 individuals in the Bamboo forests where they feed on fruits, leaves and times insects on top of trees. When fruits are ripe they tend to remain and stay in that area.

These Monkeys sleep in sub group of 4 at the top of Bamboo plants, activities take place in trees, feeding and social interaction on ground.

Amazing thing which is seen with in the group and known among the members is singing together, grooming develops between offspring and female adults, well this will live your mind surprised in the wild.

They move quietly in Bamboo forests, very attractive with beautiful colour and playfully mammals. They are also used to Humans which makes them not to shy away so you can take pictures as many as you want.

These golden monkeys are hunted for food, some people enjoy monkeys’ meet and also killing of Golden monkeys is rare.

Where you can find or locate these golden monkeys?

Mgahinga Gorilla park a small park which sits high in clouds at an altitude of between 2,22m and 4127m. It was created to protect gorillas that inhabit in dense forests and an important habitat for endangered golden monkeys.

The park adjusts in Rwanda and Congo, the park includes many activity for example gorilla tracking. Before the trekking, you are briefed about the whole trip with a Uganda wildlife authority guide.

When you’re heading for trekking in Mgahinga the smallest park which sits in the cloud you will have to pack hiking shoes, long trousers because of the grass in the forest, long sleeved shirts to avoid grass cutting your skin, water because you can feel thirst during this hiking to see the golden monkeys, a hat, a packed lunch to have your meals in the forest. In case you finish the trekking earlier you can head back to your lodge to freshen up and have your meals.

You can also book a Rwanda safari tour to the volcanoes national park to see the habituated golden monkeys in this sector.

But do not offer habituation experience but have two golden monkey groups. It’s not so open like Uganda where a visitor gets a great opportunity to see these rare golden monkeys in their habitat.

They are very playful mammals and it’s a great opportunity which no one should miss a trip in either Uganda or Rwanda

Enjoy the two parks in Africa with golden monkeys.


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