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Hot air balloon safari

Hot air balloon Safari in UgandaEver wondered how the wild looks from the birds’ eye view? We have got your curiosity covered, with the new service of hot air balloon Safari in Uganda. You probably have tried it in Egypt, South Africa or Kenya. Unlike Uganda, many locations in the world have the same activity but don’t have a lot to see beneath, therefore some people go for it for the pleasure of seeing the ground with a different perspective.

In Uganda, there are various spectacular sights beneath, from the planes to the birds and animals and a lot more, in other words it is a safari in the skies. The balloons come in different shapes and sizes to suit the clients’ activities or number of passengers. Most of them are regular cone shaped balloons or what is known as balloon shape. The size of the balloon depends on how much air it can hold, the bigger the volume of air, the more weight it can carry thus accommodating more passengers.

The main different sizes of balloons used for tour safaris include;

  • 100,000 cubic feet ( small balloon ) – Available
  • 160,000 cubic feet (medium balloon )

The number of passengers per balloon required for safaris greatly depends on the number of tourists in the country and in the area. In addition other factors as scale of tourists that are available and their ability to pay a premium for a special unique trip that they will encounter nowhere else. The different sizes of balloons can accommodate different numbers of passengers up to 8 passengers maximum and 4 passengers minimum for the start.

At later stages, other balloons that will be introduced include;

  • 1 pcs balloon of 2 – 4 people (to accommodate newlyweds)
  • 1 pcs balloon of 12 people (to accommodate large groups)
  • 1 pcs balloon of 16 people (to accommodate larger groups)

The best time of flight is sunrise or immediately afterwards where the sight is astonishing and marvelous, as you get to see the early animals move to catch their pray of the day or moving to where they will spend their day, like the hippos that move to the shallow waters. Duration of the flight is 1 hour of amusement. The balloon is best flown at tree top height where you are able to see all the wildlife up-close with no need of a binoculars.
The activity is carried out in Murchison falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Hot air balloon safari


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