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Mount Sabinyo Hike

African Adventure Travellers brings you a one day tour to Mount Sabinyo. Sabinyo is, from a mountaineering point of view, the most interesting and spectacular of the eight Virunga Volcanoes. Violent explosions have torn its symmetrical volcano shape apart, leaving behind narrow ridges, deep canyons and steep faces. Before today’s fragile and often near-vertical stairways, this was by no means an easy climb.

Sabinyo is not climbed because of wide and breathtaking views. By the time you have reached its summit, it is almost certainly shrouded in mist, and during the early hours of the day, when you can still hope for blue skies, you walk mostly through dense vegetation. But that, the vegetation, is exactly what makes this mountain so attractive. In the span of a few hours, you pass from grassland, through the bamboo zone, the rainforest zone, and the heather zone, to the afromontane zone, amidst other worldly heather trees draped with old man’s beard, roots blanketed with deep moss, ever flowering helichrysum, giant groundsels and giant lobelias.

Everything takes very long time in the visitor center – before they open, find a guide (compulsory is guide + security guard equipped with AK-47 (Kalashnikov) reportedly because of the wild animals), before you sign to the guestbook etc. So if you are just four, even so you will be accompanied by three-member escort.

The first part of the journey is probably the least entertaining – walk along the plain over grown with shrubs and small trees, where villagers previously worked on the land before they were expelled after the establishment of the park. The local volcanic soil is fertile, so virtually everything except for the park is cultivated. You will then walk in bamboo forests before you come to lichen forest after two hours, which is already far more interesting.


The top Sabyinyo is very pleasant place in nice weather. You can sit here and admire the views of all three countries around. Unfortunately, local weather is quite volatile and the peaks are more time in clouds rather than uncovered.


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