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Tree Climbing Lions – Queen Elizabeth

Tree climbing lion in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Tree climbing lions are rarely found in Africa and if found they can only be seen in a few National parks which makes Tourists think it’s just a safari rumor about tree climbing lions while it’s not. Your visit to Uganda gives you a chance to have this amazing sight of tree climbing lions which are not to be missed during your tour.

These tree climbing lions are next to mountain Gorillas that can bring quite a number of Tourists with their main intention of visit. Lions are known as Panthero (Leo), they are largest and imposing animals which belong to the cat group, royal with strength and very brave usually found in savanna parks of Africa.

In Uganda the tree climbing lions are found in Ishasha region of Queen Elizabeth National park which is best in East Africa for sightseeing Tree climbing lions. Queen Elizabeth can be accessed mostly through Kampala via Mbarara and Bushenye though there are other routes which can lead you to the park of the amazing Tree climbing lions.

They are said to cross over to Congo through Maramagambo forest to take over prides, 50 of them can be found in Ishasha of Queen Elizabeth on top of fig trees. With these tree climbing lions you cannot have your option of climbing trees for escape because they can climb trees and amazing of all lions in Africa.

The cubs always copy from the older ones on how to climb trees, this making them confident. These lions climb trees with different many reasons but have no actual reason for climbing trees.

They climb fig trees to escape away from muggy temperature or cool breeze during the day, to avoid bug bites which can bite them on the ground, or climb for fun and have better view to look out for prey and predators. The best time to have a sight of the tree climbing lions is in the afternoon after lunch when they’re digesting their food, one can have amazing sight to see them lazily laying on trees.

These tree climbing lions actually have the same ways as lions, the only difference is these ones can climb trees and it’s rare to see a lion climb trees. They move in a group called pride which includes males, females and young ones with their leader as the male who takes charge of the group at 7-10years of age.

The cubs are reared every two years, the females will stay with their mothers while the males will live the group at 3-4years of age. They weigh 265 – 420pounds .They prey on Topis, Uganda kobs and flesh since they’re carnivores while ecologically they maintain the ecosystem.

Health: Balance by predating on herbivores, targeting sickness and keeping diseases down, hence making it important to Uganda’s economy and ecology.


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