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Zebras in Uganda

zebras uganda lake mburo national park tour

Zebras in Uganda the pearl of Africa where the River Nile flows to Egypt is originally found and a home of wildlife animals, zebras are in horse family which are Herbivores and feed on short grasses.

In Uganda Zebras are found in two National parks that’s; Kidepo National park a wilderness park located in Karamoja region of Northern Uganda and borders Uganda and Sudan in the northwest and north east Kenya and Lake Mburo National Park which lies between the two towns of Masaka and Mbarara in western Uganda where you can find these amazing species with a unique coat color white and black.

They are two types of Zebras in Africa; the Gravy’s and plains both in Eastern and Southern Africa in areas of savanna and woodlands surprising Uganda is one of the countries in Africa with Zebras.

In Uganda we have the plains which are also known as Burchells which are named after a British explorer and naturalist William John burcell their body strips are broader, with bright colors which gives the best picture in a photography and sightseeing people tend to take pictures of Zebras for their unique colors, these zebras have a black order muzzles in the back.

A female zebra called a mare becomes sexually active at the age of 2-4years and able to produce in the second year, a male which is called the stallion becomes sexually mature at 4 years. A zebra can almost breed every year, during breeding males gather females they can kick, push and bite each other necks.

The gestation period of Mare is 12months, it gives birth to a young one called foal. The birthing period is always rainy season. After birth the mare will chase away all zebras for 2-3days until when the young one is able to recognize its mother, the foal feeds on mothers milk for one year and able to stand and walk after birth but can also feed on grass after a week.

A foal can stand 1.1metres tall while the mature one stands 3.5 to 5meters, when the Zebra grows it weighs 200-450kgs and a male weighs 10kg more than a female. A bruchella zebra can live 25years while other types of Zebra are said to live up to 40years of age.

Mothers care deeply for their young ones and also foals are ever close to their mother while as males are close to their fathers for communication.

Burchelles Zebras move in a group called Harem with a dominate male leading the group and the rest following him although is said not to be in line with the rest they compete with domestic animals for water, having teeth for grinding and cropping crops.

During their movement they can communicate while sniffing, balking position of eyes and tail they are brave animals and move and stand together nibble hair on each other neck they always develop and pressure their bonds ready to accommodate the old and weak ones.

During danger they stand camouflage in the grass to destruct predators by providing eyes and ears to look out for more dangers from their predators and can run 60km/hr. they are very excellent and manage a zigzag form to evade predators and also give a pace.

When attacked they come together in large herds to scare the intruder away with teeth and hooves mixing with grazers, if one is injured they’re able to circle around and attempt to scare the intruder away with teeth and hooves.

These Zebras are known to sleep while standing close to each other in order to look out for predators like lions, hyenas, leopards, hurting dogs and cheaters.

Note: Uganda has only one type of Zebra the plain known as bruchelle. You can now have your tour done by visiting this type of Zebra in the above National parks in Uganda.

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